Rentamascot COVID 19 response


Rentamascot offer a non-contact costume hire service - it is a self-wear mascot hire service.  Our costumes are in courier-transit for around 24-48 hrs and are kept in confinement for 24-48 hrs prior to dispatch which according to current guidelines, is sufficient in itself to prevent COVID contact.  We supply laundered costumes and a protective balaclava for wear inside the costume.

In addition to this time in transit isolation, we also launder each costume (slightly differently) with dermatologically tested Dettol Laundry Cleanser as well as standard Non - Bio detergent.  Where standard launder is not possible, we use a COVID approved and tested cleaner.

We will also shortly be using a long-lasting antibacterial solution that kills COVID on contact and lasts for 28 days - tested and approved in the UK for use. This is currently in a trial period and will be rolled out on all costumes and Laser guns.  We aim operate within with the current fast-moving guidelines.

We also offer the opportunity to move your date if your event is cancelled or postponed due to COVID.  This means that no client will lose their hire fee if they choose to change their booking date.

We are a small family run business and have continued to try very hard to offer our service, responsibly throughout the pandemic so people can still enjoy their childrens birthdays and events, and we will continue to do so where guidelines allow. 

We thank you for your support and welcome any questions you have on our service and how we can help make your event special – even in lockdown :)