How To Host A Childrens Party On A Budget!

How To Host A Party On A Budget: 7 Simple Tips
Create A budget

Figure out how much you can spend and stick to it.  Then choose the most important pieces in your budget, for you it may be the mascot hero that visits, or the cake and the balloons, for others it may be the banners and plates - prioritise those pieces.

Mascot Hire

Mascot hire makes a great option for a cost effective party!  You can offer photos and meet and greets plus you can include the mascot in the party!  It helps to pull the whole theme of your party together and make sure that your event is completely unforgettable

DIY Cake

Cakes these days can cost up to £70 for a kids party, sometimes more.  Buy a plain cake from a high street shop or Costco and then decorate it with your kids own toys!!  If you are having a LEGO theme, then use mini-figures to create a theme on top of the cake! Remove them before cutting teh cake and voila, cake on a budget

Plan ahead and save up

Get an old box and keep all of your purchases for your next party safe. If you start planning the year before, you can often pick up party goods in sales and on discounted isles - remember Halloween, stuff is often just orange or black, and Xmas, plates and table covers are often just red or green - so choose pattern free items and build these into your theme and buy all year round.

Shop around for Supplies

Check out Facebook and Ebay for left over stock from other people.  Very often people order too much and have spare party goods and sell them off cheaply. Remember to check out high street  stores too - remember your local store may sell themed plates and often can discount them if they fail to sell as many people now buy online- so keep your eyes peeled

Pick A Theme AND a pallet of colours

Heavily characterised party goods can be expensive, so buy 1 or 2 key pieces which are branded, perhaps balloons or napkins, then buy the rest in the colour theme that matches the characters - this is cheaper and more transferable to over events you may be able to use them for.

Send E-Vites

Save on postage, create a free evite (google there are lots out there) to create your invites and keep a tally of your acceptance replies - this helps you to ensure you do not waste money by over catering too!


Make make make - visit our Pinterest page for loads of ideas oh how to make your own DIY party goods and games to entertain your guests on a budget - it doesn't have to be very fancy, it can be a case of just printing images and sticking them up, to creating home made photo booths !

Give your guests jobs to help!

Why not ask your guests to pitch in - everyone loves to be helpful - bring a bottle of pop or a bag of snacks or even a secret Santa style present - under £3 rather than a present - you can hand this out the the children as they leave  - this means you save on making the party bags all together  - the options are endless

Party Bags

This varies a lot from party to party - the cheapest way is to dodge them all together (see above) or also acceptable is to hand them a small bag of sweets, such as Haribo - easy and simple - if you want to make more of an effort, buy some small  plain paper bags and get the kids to colour or stamp their own bags as a craft activity at the party - you can have a tub of sweets after they have finished that they can then dip into to put into their bag !

We have lots of entertainment ideas on our Pinterest page so be sure to take a look!