When setting up our company many years ago, sustainability and ensuring our eco foot print was as light as possible was and remains a high priority.

We continue to strive for this and here are a few ways we do this. You are helping reduce your carbon footprint by choosing a re-usable party supplier such as us:

Our Costumes:

The very essence of our service is sustainable - all of our costumes are used by multiple clients which leaves only the footprint of the original costume manufacture.  After the useful life of a mascot, they are either donated to charities who can use them, or sold on for a second lease of life.

Our Delivery:

We use DPD couriers in the UK who strive to ensure they are a carbon Neutral footprint - you can read all about their commitment here and here.

We also strive to ensure all of our mascots are collected for clients in 1 go on the same day - again minimising unnecessary trips.

Our Packaging

Our plastic shipping tubs are made from 100% upcycled plastic house hold waste are are made in the UK.  For some mascots we also use recycled and recyclable corrugated boxes from UK suppliers. We strive to use other recyclable product such as recycled cable ties where we can and are constantly looking to improve compliance.

Cleaning products

We use ECOver Products where available and suitable. 

We constantly work to reduce our Eco Footprint as a business and we value your support.