''We hired 2 mascots for my sons 3rd birthday and I couldn’t rate them enough!
The whole delivery service including pick up was so easy!
''They were such good quality costumes so definetely worth the money! They were a massive hit with all the children and even the adults at the party!
We will definetely be hiring next year!''

😃Kirsten - GOOGLE 5* review

Hiring a mascot for your special event can be a great experience for the whole family, and especially little ones.  It is a memory likely to be recalled for years to come, even for small children - so let's make it special!

Our costumes do not represent any well known figures or character, they are hand made for a personal collection.  We do not offer any licence use or advertising for corporate events and cannot supply any photos for advertising purposes.   Costume colours and features may vary from the images shown as our costumes are regularly updated.

We have guidelines that are intended to help you and your little guests

enjoy the mascot experience. Some little people love it, and some need a

 little time to adjust to their character visiting them at a party and some

would rather keep their distance!!! When the mascot is introduced in the

right way, and in the right environment, a mascot visit can be an

unforgettable experience your child will remember and cherish.

This is not a safety list.

Please USE YOUR OWN COMMON SENSE to ensure the safety of your guests at all times and ensure rental instructions terms and conditions are followed AND ALL COVID GUIDELINES ARE FOLLOWED WHERE APPLICABLE. When Hiring ensure you have read our Terms of Hire before using the costume.  RENTAMASCOT cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage to persons or property at any time, and however caused, so NEVER leave the mascot wearer unattented, limit the time in the costume, take all safetly precautions, ensure the mascot wearer is fit and healthy, and ensure the safety of all of your guests at all times as this is the clients responsibility.

Here are some basic suggestions:

1)   Make sure all little guests are prepared for the surprise by playing relevant music / announcing the imminent arrival of the surprise guest arrival prior to their arrival.

2)  Enter the room at a distance and keep the mascot at a distance from the children until the children start to approach the mascot.

3)  Get the mascot to sit down for introductions if the children are very small.

4)  It is recommended the children are invited to approach the mascot. It is not recommended to allow the mascot to approach the children.

5) Do not 'pat' children on the head or pick them up. This is for safety reasons, but also it can scare small children as they need time to get used to the mascot.

6) Keep the visits short and sweet, we recommend no longer than a max of 5 mins at any one time. After this time even very small children start to get inquisitive!

7) DO NOT SPEAK- AT ALL!!! This is crutial - play music instead!

8) Do not let little ones see your put on or remove the costume.

9) Do not allow older children to bully the mascot.

10) Do not carry objects especially flammable items such as candles.



12) We strongly discourage parents/primary carers from dressing in the costume as the first person the child will look for to tell about the special guest is the parents. If the child cannot see the parents/primary carers, this can become a bit worrying for some children. We suggest approaching professionals such as preschool / nursery / child-minder or even a baby sitter to wear the costume so the whole family can enjoy the fun and have photos to cherish!!

It may seem strange and slightly unbelievable to an adult, but most little people do believe that the mascot is the real deal, straight out of the T.V.   So to have the best time, please allow children to get used to the visitor, try not to get frustrated or worried if they take their time.  Usually, if they see their favourite adults having fun with the mascots, it's more likely that they will join in, so get up, get dancing, and have fun!